Work Package Title Starting Month Ending Month
WP1 Extensive state-of-the-art analysis M01 M06
Deliverable: D1.1: State of the Art analysis |(completed)
Deliverable: D1.2: Conference paper from SotA analysis |(completed)
WP2 Decoupling in 5G and beyond networks M04 M24
Deliverable: D2.1: DUDe mechanisms development and improved performance |(completed)
Deliverable: D2.2: Conference paper for the development of DUDe mechanisms |(completed)
Deliverable: D2.3: Conference paper regarding the performance of DUDe mechanisms |(completed)
Deliverable: D2.4: Journal article for the selection, design, implementation and assessment of DUDe mechanisms | (completed)
WP3 MU-MIMO for improved spectral efficiencies M07 M30
Deliverable: D3.1: MU-MIMO algorithms development and performance assessment |(completed)
Deliverable: D3.2: Conference paper for the development of MU-MIMO algorithms |(completed)
WP4 Machine learning and game theory techniques for network optimization M07 M36
Deliverable: D4.1: Overview and evaluation of ML algorithms |(completed)
Deliverable: D4.2: Analysis techniques from Algorithmic Game Theory |(completed)
WP5 Management and dissemination M01 M36
Deliverable: D5.1: Project website |(completed)