01/02/2022: The project started

01/08/2022: The deliverables D1.1 and D1.2 are completed

16/11/2022: The paper “State of the Art Analysis of Resource Allocation Techniques in 5G MIMO Networks”. Bouras, C., Caragiannis, I., Gkamas, Protopapas, N., Sgarbas, K., and Sardelis, T. will be presented on 37th International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN) 11-14 January 2023, Bangkok, Thailand, 2023

01/12/2022: Milestone “M1.1: The successful development of a conceptual paper which will analyse the possibilities and improved performance that MU-MIMO, DUDe, ML and GT offer” has been achieved

01/02/2023: The deliverable D1.2 is completed

20/04/2023: The paper “On the Optimization of User Allocation in Heterogeneous 5G Networks Using DUDe Techniques”, Konstantinos Tsachrelias, Apostolos Gkamas, Chrysostomos Athanasios Katsigiannis, Christos J Bouras and Vasileios Kokkinos, Philippos Pouyioutas, , T. will be presented on The 14th International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks July 4 (Tue.) ~ 7 (Fri.), 2023, ECE – Ecole d’ingénieurs, Paris, France & Virtual Conference

20/09/2023: The paper “Evaluation of User Allocation Techniques in Massive MIMO 5G Networks”, Christos Bouras, Damianos Diasakos, Apostolos Gkamas, Vasileios Kokkinos, Philippos Pouyioutas, Nikolaos Prodromos, will be presented on The 10th International Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications (WINCOM 2023), Istanbul, Turkey 26 to 28 October 2023

20/09/2023: The paper “Optimizing Resource Allocation in 5G Networks through Downlink and Uplink Decoupling”, Christos Bouras, Charalampos Chatzigeorgiou, Vasileios Kokkinos, Apostolos Gkamas, Philippos Pouyioutas, will be presented on 15th International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems (ICUMT) Ghent, Belgium in October 30 – November 1, 2023

20/09/2023: The deliverable D2.1 is completed